Its word meaning is “skillfully done”

The word Daedalus comes from mythology and is the name of Icarus’s father. Its word meaning is ‘skillfully done’ or ‘the one who does something skillfully’. This design firm was founded in 2012 in this very spirit, by two designers who have different but very compatible approaches to design. In addition to its design products, Daedalus offers design and consulting for homes and companies.


IDE / Interior Design

While Daedalus focuses on contemporary furniture design and trendsetting, IDE Design Services provides services on interiors and creating environments for projects such as residences, restaurants, hotels, showrooms etc. Both Emre and Nazar are interior designers, using the advantages of being an interior designer to create compatible pieces that go with each other. Every piece in the collection has possible match-ups.

With this approach, IDE strives to create a mood for its clients, along with a setting in which the customer can feel perfectly comfortable. In customized design, we listen, understand and apply by taking active part in the design, presentation and application phases of the project as desired. This is an important part of the story. The contemporary approach Daedalus is mirrored in the interiors created by IDE Design Services.

The word Daedalus comes from mythology and is the name of Icarus’s father.


Co-founder / Designer : Nazar Şigaher


Co-founder / Designer : Emre Evrenos